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Buddy’s Pancit Lucban and Longganisa

Looking for your regular Filipino food favorites? Well, Buddy’s may have them on the menu, but their food surely tastes more than regular. In fact, because their food is so homey and delightful, we have been coming back whenever we can.

Buddy’s features well-loved Filipino dishes from across the country (plus a few other extra food items), but they are well-kown for their Lucban pancit. I rarely eat pancit as a person, but only Buddy’s can make me give pancit a chance because they’ve got extremely flavorful ones, totally different from those that I’ve tasted in my whole life. Seriously. :) Their food is also surprisingly affordable! Most of the items on their menu are also good for sharing. Isn’t it so amazing, you can enjoy the different flavors of the Philippines all in one place, in very good quality, without having to spend so much?

The interior of the restaurant is also something new. It’s got a fiesta-esque feel to it, with the kiping or edible rice paper leaves, wood details and paintings depicting Filipino ways of celebrating. The slightly dim lighting against the yellow walls make it feel homier, thus eating is made more enjoyable.


Our favorites include bulalo, sisig, Lucban longganiza and chopsuey. Oh, and their pizza is amazing, too. Never, ever leave Buddy’s without trying any, or better, all of those. Oh yeah, almost forgot, for dessert you should try their cassava cake. I remember getting two of them only for myself because grabe it is so deliciously sweet!

You can get a taste of Buddy’s flavors at Makati (the Link, near Landmark, Glorietta), the branch we frequent the most. You have to come way before meal time because the line can get really long (see, because their food is really good), but it is really worth the wait. Then again, they are very systematic and accommodating, and soon enough you’ll find yourself having difficulty to choose from among what they have to offer, because you’d really want to try them all! They also have branches near Kalayaan Ave, Makati; Market! Market! at The Fort and Timoq, Quezon City. :)


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